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AXEL & ASH~ Bucket lists, Road trips & Wanderlust


AXEL & ASH~It's a lovely bonus when business turns into friendship. These 2 amazing Aussie girls (one by way of Sweden) made their daydreams come true with their wonderful books WANDERLUST, ROAD TRIP & BUCKET LIST (in stock)  We share the same style, aesthetic, passion and a mutual girl crush. We got to meet in California to collaborate, hangout, share stories and roller skate at the I share with you two of my new best friends~


Axel: Oh the one we just finished - road trip across the states to find all the coolest stores to house our books. It was two months on the road in 7 different cars, from Mustangs and luxury hotels to an RV we lived in for 2.5 weeks. We explored and experienced so much of the country, made wonderful new friends, ticked off a bunch of our own bucketlist items (Pick an avocado straight from a tree, dance at a roof top party in New York, and cross the golden gate bridge on a bicycle) and had an absolute blast!

Ash: Ahhhh there are so many amazing ones! I have absolutely loved every single item I have ticked off my Bucketlist. Definitely starting a business with a friend has been the  longest, wildest and the most amazing journey….Although, I think one of the biggest solo adventures I did was when I walked The Camino to Santiago De Compestella. The trek took me a month to do. I started from the Pyreenees in South of France and walked all the way across Spain to the tip of the ocean, ending in Finisterra. I walked 960km over 30 days finishing on my birthday. France & Spain were so beautiful, you see all types of terrain and I met so many amazing people from all walks of life. I really loved the journey and not knowing what tomorrow would bring. The excitement of reaching the ultimate destination after working so hard physically  was one of the biggest & proudest accomplishments of my life. 


Axel: Early morning, a long boardwalk, sun, friends and roller skates!
Ash: When you’re free as a bird, doing what you love everyday, surrounded by the people you love and who inspire you to be your best self.


Axel: All time favs are Roadtrippin by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash and Coldplay but after only having radio for 2 weeks in our RV, I fell massively for Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams

Ash: I love indie rock, but really anything that makes feel like dancing. However, ‘Wildest Dreams’ by Taylor Swift, captures my heart as my new fav song. We listened to that on repeat (on our road trip) and never once got sick of it.                                                                                                       


Axel: I'm always inspired by a clean, fresh feed and being a beach lover, I try to mirror that as much as possible. We love lots of whites and blues and try to follow that but it's hard when you are in big cities where everything tends to be more muted tones. 

Ash: I am a big believer in posting what inspires you, what you love or creating/doing. People are attracted to your brand because something has inspired them and because they really like following your journey and adventures. Therefore, I think it’s important to stay true to that.

5. CAMERA LOVE?                    

Axel: Canon 7D! I love my Canon, however it died on our last trip and I reverted to iPhone - missing the pretty pics but it certainly saves energy not lugging a big camera around!

Ash: I am a big fan of Nikon cameras, but recently I changed to a Fuji… I’m still adjusting to it, but loving my wifi connection where I can send pictures from my camera directly to my phone without any computer or cords!


Axel: Egyptian Magic. It work wonders on a 16 hr. flight from LA to Sydney!  I always clean my face and leave it just slightly wet 2-3 times during the flight. Feels like it refreshes me somehow.

Ash: Water! Water & Water! Staying hydrated is key to not feel dehydrated or lethargic when arriving to my destination. .


Axel: I really like the Andaz hotel chain. They are just fun & fresh and the staff is so chilled and extremely helpful. 

Ash: W Retreat & Spa Bali. A really funky & very cool hotel. I love the creative design and modern art everywhere.. It really caters to the modern traveller. Their attention to detail is immaculate from the amazing restaurants, spa and the beautiful sunsets that set over the horizon… the perfect place to holiday in style..

8. USA crush? 

Axel: Anything California - but I must say Abbot Kinney and the boardwalks of Venice Beach for roller skating.
Ash:  Hawaii, San Francisco, LA, all the California beaches, New Orleans, Austin & New York! Favorites for all different reasons :)


Axel: 'Oh That's Fun!' I feel like I'm in a high school Hollywood movie every time I hear it (which is like all the time) And we are obsessed with the Poke in Hawaii - one cuisine that has not yet been copied in Sydney. 

Ash: I love the word ‘y’all’… makes me laugh so much, especially with the Southern accents! Also, Whole foods was slightly obsessed with that chain and wish we could take all the stores back with us to Australia. I also loved all of the clothing and style in the LA boutiques!


Axel: Too many people! I just love hearing stories about people, what they do, what they dream of and what they aspire to. Everybody I meet who is really pushing and working to reach a dream ( work wise, personal, artistic, etc.) it all inspires me!

Ash: I get inspired by so many different things. From meeting new people, listening to a friend achieve something amazing, doing yoga by the sea, watching an athlete run a marathon, reading a great magazine article, watching a documentary or looking at a phenomenal piece of art! I really feel the world throws out inspiration everywhere and everyday which is what makes it so magical.


Axel: Ash has been pushing this for years, I love my job and want to keep a foot in both ends, but after working a full time job and full time side hustle for years it has taken it's toll. We actually get a little jealous when our friends say they are bored, I haven't been bored for as long as I can remember but I think it is needed for the brain and well being to have a rest. We decided that our US road trip would be the big break we needed from our everyday lives so that we could put all of our time and energy into our business. It was great to have the time to move forward and fulfill all of our wildest dreams and ideas.

Ash: We were working so much and not having a balanced life. We both worked full-time jobs + full-time on the business for 3 years in order to support our dream. We didn’t ever give up and always strived to be working full-time on what we loved.  When we work on Axel & Ash it doesn’t feel like work, the hours fly by and we absolutely love every minute of it. Everyday is so different and we’re always learning new things. All of our hard work has paid off and now I work full time on Axel & Ash.


Axel: I really don't care about tourist attractions. I like to feel the real pulse of a city, befriend the locals and be part of the everyday life wherever I am. My absolute favorite part of traveling is meeting so many random and interesting people. I often end up being invited to their home for dinner, a party or a family excursion. I've made lifelong friends this way and there is something so magical in the meeting between people and cultures... those are always my highlights!

Ash: Don’t be scared of the unknown. Going to any new place can be out of your comfort zone, but don’t stress and just let the destination take you with it to truly live every single moment. I also love grabbing the Hop on & off bus. It’s my way to capture the cities blue print in my mind and hear the history behind it before I go exploring. I really like to get my bearings of any new city and to learn as much as I can. The bus allows me to watch the city from above and take it all in. 


Axel: Too many places. I've lived and worked in 4 of the 6 continents (Thailand, Spain, Sweden, Norway, US & Australia) and with that comes leaving beautiful places and wonderful friends. I have left pieces of my heart scattered all over the world!
Ash: Paris & New York.


Axel: I fell in love with the rad shopfronts and palm tree lined Abbot Kinney in Venice. And of course Sweden (my hometown) I never fail to fill my suitcase up with new goodies when I'm home.
Ash: Bleecker Street, Manhattan. Finding items that aren’t everywhere is my favorite thing to do. There are so many cool and funky independent designers. I always fill my suitcase with amazing finds.

15. BEST ADVICE YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN? (for business)

Axel: Actually I haven't received much but one that sticks is 'Fail fast' by Lisa Messenger. If something doesn't work, don't dwell on it. Just realize, learn and move on!
Ash: Don’t be afraid to go for it, ask for help or approach people. So many people are hesitant and worry what others will think. Just believe in yourself and go for it, follow your dream and don’t look back. Talk to strangers and tell them all about your goals, the universe will then open all the doors!


Axel: I am a studio News Director - a very random job. A studio director is the person in the control room who speaks in the ear of the presenter and camera operators, basically calling the shots while live on air. You have to be very focused and in the moment - If I do anything wrong it's already too late, It will go straight out on air.  side. I love coming back into the studio but I also love that I have the freedom to pursue another path and I have to pinch myself that I get to live my dream.

Ash: I was an Associate Financial Planner. I really loved the finance industry and learnt so much about business and economics. However, my true passion is for writing and creating.

Axel: Toiletry bags by NUNO

Ash: Ali Lamu Totes~weekender

Axel: WAY too much - every time! But in the end I can't live without a pair of jeans shorts, black jeans and a white tee. Add pair of heels and a pair of thongs and a white flowy dress and I'm set!
Ash: Camera, laptop, converse, jeans, white top & my swimmers!


Axel: All the cute summer girls in Bondi!
Cara Delevinge


Axel: Open roads ahead of me. I never feel as free as when I am on a road trip, sleeping in a car, stopping wherever & whenever my heart desires. With good company and time on my hands plus no stress.. That's freedom.

Ash: Where all you want to do is set out and take flight. You want to explore, adventure, live in the moment and experience new things. Traveling is the most beautiful thing that allows you to do all that.




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