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Makeup Artist + Side Hustle
Welcome to my DAYDREAM....
I am a makeup artist for my day job
I am a shop owner for my "DREAM" job
I am obsessed with the art of globetrotting and
"Nothing  makes me happier than a boarding pass"
I travel for cool cafes, artisan goods, markets + culture and design and good food . 
I always end up with a suitcase full of olive oil, scents of orange blossom, skincare, handbags and sometimes I wish my new friends could fit in the suitcase as well~
It's all part of the beauty of travel, to fill your heart,
your mind and your toiletry bag.
The itinerary for a trip always involves a flea/artisanal market schedule~the best so far have 
been in Australia ,Paris, New Zealand & Argentina  
I love scouting for little treasures that inspire my soul which is really how this all started. I would always find the coolest bag, jewelry, poncho, skincare or art to bring home and everyone would ask where I got it. So I started to bring home extra things to sell
and voila~
dreams do come true
 All of this had led me to my little boutique ~
 A curation of quality goods, obsessions, treasures and a 
place to showcase all of my lovely finds.

We're all Daydreamers at heart
Welcome to mine~