Daydreamers Wanted


Welcome to my DAYDREAM....
I am a makeup artist for my day job
(currently painting faces on ABC's Station 19)
I am a shop owner for my "DREAM" job.
I get crushes on people, ideas, cool cafes, orange blossoms, coffee,
 and markets. I believe in following your heart and your dreams. 
I am obsessed with the art of globetrotting and "Nothing  makes me happier than a boarding pass". 
I always end up with a suitcase full of olive oil, skincare and salt.
 I have often wished  that someone I met along the way could also come home in
my suitcase..it's all part of the beauty of travel, to fill your heart,
your mind and your toiletry bag.
The itinerary for a trip usually involves a flea or outdoor market schedule~the best so  far have 
been in Australia ( Paris, New Zealand & Argentina get honorable  mentions).
I love scouting for little treasures that inspire my soul.
There are so many undiscovered artisans out in the world and I love finding them
I am a bit of a product junkie and a sucker for cool packaging. I love anything  
with coconuts & orange blossoms.
I've hunted and gathered indie & fair trade brands to 
 enhance the gypset, mercantile and world market vibe of which I have always dreamed.
I have always said, "SOMEDAY I'll have my own store"...
 All of this had led me to my little boutique
~ a curation of quality goods, obsessions, treasures and a place
 to showcase all of my lovely finds.

We're all Daydreamers at heart~