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wanderlust travel journal
WANDERLUST~SWEPT AWAY journal by Axel & Ash
wanderlust travel journal
WANDERLUST~SWEPT AWAY journal by Axel & Ash

WANDERLUST~SWEPT AWAY journal by Axel & Ash

$ 35.00

WANDERLUST~swept away journal by axel and ash 

Before section~ to fill out before you depart for your travels
Inspiring life and travel quotes
New questions and thought-provoking prompts.
Spontaneous “To-do” notes.
Beautiful and edgy photography from around the world.
Extra pages for journaling, drawing and important scribbles.
List pages to fill in during the trip: “People I met” “Favorite restaurants” etc.
A bucket list: 111 things to do with one wild and precious life.
Summary pages to complete when returning home.
A world map.


Beautifully bound in an earthy latte-colored cloth, this charming travel journal creates a chic vintage feel suitable for every traveller – from the stylish jetsetter to the novice explorer. With quirky questions, fun writing prompts, witty ‘To-Do’ notes, list pages to remember the favourites and a bucket list to fill out along the way, it’s the ultimate way to capture your travel memories in style!

This is one of those moments where I love the makers as much as I love the product. I am happy to have Axel & Ash in stock and support these two fellow daydreamers...

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