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Luciana Suarez on Mexico, Motherhood & Cozy Sundays




There's a common theme with the designers I've carried in the shop, I would be best friends with all of them. They are all so cool, living interesting lives ( a lot of them in Mexico) and just generally amazing and talented women following their daydreams. I am so inspired by each of them, so lets meet Luciana. I met her at a market in Venice and loved her style.  You've seen her USHU Salvation towels in the shop for years. Luciana just moved back to Sayulita and opened her own shop following in the footsteps of her parents who have both owned beautiful shops in Mexico. You can visit Project Artefakto in Sayulita filled with Artisan crafted home decor & textiles~


My consistent daydream these days is about owning a home. It’s something I’m slowly manifesting. I talk about it with my partner everyday. I really hope that I can make this daydream a reality in the near future.


Mexico is my ultimate inspiration. Yes it’s the colors, the landscapes, the people, it’s raw beauty but more then that it’s the feeling of Mexico that inspires me. 

All the Mexico lovers out there know what I’m talking about. When I’m here my heart is full and when I’m away I crave the feeling.

This past year has been wild! Besides Covid and the political climate I moved countries, started a new business and had a baby.

I find my peace at home with my family next to my two loves. Away from the noise of the world outside. This is when I feel the most at ease 

Right now I’m trying to work on beauty from the inside out with different herb medicines, one of my favorite products after giving birth is YIN POWER by Sun Potion. I use this in a tea every morning. I’ve noticed a change in my skin, my mood, my energy levels. I highly recommend this for any woman who is searching for overall balance.

Oh I have so many of these ...

The ones that are most prominent are associated with fire elements.

The smell of Marlboro reds will always remind me of my dad.

The smell of burning brush takes me back to being a child road tripping through Mexico. I love that smell.

My mom is the salsa queen so the smell of roasting chili’s, onions and tomatoes take me back to her kitchen.


Mornings are my favorite! These days I take my time getting out of bed. I try and lounge around with my family as long as time permits. Making breaky and listening to some good tunes. I’m a big proponent of “cozy”


I have spent my entire life between Mexico and the US and specifically my entire adult life between Sayulita and Los Angeles. Right now home is Sayulita, its where my daughter was born and where I plan on raising her. I still plan on visiting LA when I can but home is Mexico.




Hotel Hafa

Teitiare Estate Sayulita Nayarit Mexico

Hotel en Sayulita | Hotel Boutique en Mexico | Hotel Don Bonito Sayulita


Don Pedros


Pacha Mamá 

Sayulita Wines

And of course Project Artefakto :)


To be completely honest I haven’t read a book since Tula was born but while I was pregnant I read so many books on birthing and nutrition. My favorite was a book called The First 40 Days about nourishing a new mother. I recommend this to any postpartum mama out there.


Tasya Van Ree just does it for me as far as style goes. I wish she picked my outfit everyday.

Hacienda San Gabriel de la Palmas is an Hacienda in central Mexico that is dear to my heart and what I think is one of the most beautiful hotels on earth.

Pictures don’t do it justice. You have to see it to believe it.

Hacienda - Hacienda San Gabriel de las Palmas - Amacuzac - Mexico 


Yellow Is what I’ve been feeling these days. A turmeric shade of yellow. It’s a color recurring throughout the shop. It’s a feel good color. 


If I have learned anything on balancing a small biz and motherhood it is to surrender to the moment. No point in trying to control anything at all when you have a baby. If you don't surrender you'll miss out on all the magic happening right in front of you.

You can find Luciana here~

PROJECT ARTEFAKTO~Calle Revolution 56, Sayulita, Nayarit



SHOP USHU Salvation towels in the shop here ~




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Jaina Lee Ortiz~Actress On Beauty, Coconuts & Quiet Sundays


Daydreaming with Jaina~Here she shares her glow secrets, quiet Sundays, jasmine love, yoga and her dream vacation. I am lucky to work with this beauty on Station 19. She is lovely, gorgeous and funny. Her answers to these questions reflect her beautiful soul..

I think Yara Shahidi is profoundly inspirational.  I want to be her when I grow up.

Sipping a coconut on a white sand beach. 

Very quiet, minimal to-do list. Usually consists of laundry.  I like to start the week with crisp linens.

I associate beauty with love.  When I do something out of kindness, I feel beauty.  I love cooking for my friends, it brings me a lot of joy!

I Recently discovered how rich & beautiful the smell of Jasmine is!  I want to grow Jasmine flowers in my future garden

I Love to get a good workout sweat at CorePower Yoga. Love sound baths. At home meditations, cooking, arranging flowers, nesting & organizing my home.

7. STYLE CRUSH? JLo                                                                                                  


I’ve been obsessing over Natura Bisse Diamond Cocoon Sheer.  Pricey but transforms my skin!


Luxury spa massages                                                                                                                                                                                


Skincare before Makeup. Less is more. Cream blushes over powder for dewy skin. ➻Fun fact You may not know ~ Jaina used to be a makeup artist  


I have a compulsive need to fold white towels a certain way.                                                                                                                                 


❥Venice~Love Gjelina for lunch

❥Moonjuice for a Date Shake 

❥Always love a meal from Cafe Gratitude.

❥The Green Room in Burbank for cocktails.

❥Dinner at Catch in NYC.


Turks & Caicos ~                                                                                  


A Beautiful Composition of Broken by R.H. Sin

The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan W. Watts

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer


Spotify all day.  Reggaeton all day.


A personal home organizer.

17. WORDS OF WISDOM? - You can spend your whole life getting to know yourself.



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CAROLINE DHAVERNAS Actress~ On Lipstick, Surf & Oysters

CAROLINE DHAVERNAS~I recently interviewed my lovely friend Caroline.You know her from Hannibal & Mary Kills People. We worked together ten years ago on Off the Map in Hawaii and became forever friends. We've had countless adventures traveling, hiking, surfing and laughing until our bellies ache. Here she shares with us her lipstick obsession, Montreal hangouts and the art of Zen~surfing.

1. CURRENT OBSESSIONS?                                                                                     

How beautiful a cloud of smoke looks....


Denise and I have spent so much time together in Hawaii so I have to say her SUMMER collection for all of our beach essentials.

A live Cuban band made of hot salsa dancing Cubans.

The ocean air is the best tool! Nothing to be done! Kind of perfect for the day when I will be stuck on the desert island with the hot Cubans, cause you know, no electricity and all...

5. BEAUTY RITUAL?                                                                                              

Hot pink lips for hiking days with Denise. 

East Coast (represent!) oysters. Apparently my mother craved them when she was pregnant with me. That's probably when the love story started. I could eat oysters every day and never get bored with them.

As a kid, I loved to draw with a purple violet scented crayon and whenever I smell that flower in a perfume or cosmetics, it takes me straight back to those blissful moments where nothing else existed in the world but you, the paper and the exciting possibilities of color. Scent is the most intriguing and mysterious sense.

Professional champagne drinker.

Driving from Montreal to the Magdalen Islands (Îles de la Madeleine). I'm usually not big on road trips since sitting still drives me bonkers, but this drive is so beautiful and includes ferries from which you can see whales, so what the heck, a little madness never killed anyone. 

French kissing with an amazing kisser. When that chemistry lights up, holy smokes, that's what life is about.

Thinking about surfing.

Periwinkle blue and burgundy, side by side, makes the hairs on my arms stand up like an encore.

 I just bought a crazy Chanel lipstick, Rouge Allure Ink in 212 Metallic purple


Chroniques du hasard by Elena Ferrante, an Italian writer.


Salt in Greece, on Milos Island.


La Binerie: For breakfast or brunch. An institution in Montreal. The restaurant has been around for 81 years and offers a unique experience of Quebec's culture and typical comfort food.
Les Rapides Park: a migratory bird sanctuary in the city by the water. A beautiful walk in the spring to see mother bird and her younglings on the river.
Gypsy: Café/bar. I go there to read scripts and work on my computer. I love the restaurant's design and the food is great. 
❥Byblos: Iranian café, amazing food, filled with light. Feta and dill scambled eggs with fresh mint tea...YUM! They also have a trunk filled with toys for kids in the back: very fun and practical.
L'Express: another institution in Montreal, classical French bistro. The quality and service are impeccable.
Le Mousso: One of the best tables in Montreal.
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Ivette Mancilla~On Tulum & All the Feels




  Ivette is the designer/creator of Palmyra Handmade. She's a yoga instructor, artist, fashion designer, content creator and all around gorgeous soul. I carry her totes in the Mercado Collection. I hardly know her but I want to know her and you will too after reading her interview. Here she shares life in Tulum and all the feels~

1. On finding Tulum~

Eight years ago I dropped everything and booked a flight to Playa del Carmen, a place I only knew from word of mouth and where I had no friends, family or a job waiting for me with just $300 USD of savings. I didn’t care...I needed to get away from my hometown and the life I had. I had a vision of what I wanted: to make pretty clothes, to teach yoga at the beach, to have an apartment by the sea and to wander around town wearing only bikinis, no make-up, a perfect tan and no heels. Playa was amazing, but of course the moment I stepped into Tulum, the scenario changed into this new and fabulous location. Tulum was and is definitely more “me”.

It wasn’t easy, and coming from a very classic Mexican family from a conservative city where all girls are expected to grow up, study, get married, have babies and become housewives; it was a challenge. That life wasn't for me so when I decided to leave, alone, to an unknown place, my parents freaked out; but I stayed strong and trusted the fire inside me that knew I would be able to do it. Not all girls can travel on their own or live independently but I’m one of those who can and I was meant to live this way. It was a perfect fit. The missing piece of the puzzle I had been searching for all along. 

2. On life in Tulum ~You wear a lot of hats with design, IG, yoga and art. How do you find the time for everything? Was this your plan or all a way to be living your dream in Tulum? 

This is funny because people ask me that all the time. I’m all over the place and always have been this way. I’m someone who doesn’t know how to rest. I do enjoy quiet days at the beach but still, I can’t just sit and do nothing. Even when I'm watching Netflix, I’m sewing or painting, cleaning or doing laundry. I feel that if I don’t do things, life will slip away. The concept of “weekends” does not exist for me; I don’t see them as rest days.

My life is the result of opportunities that I have taken advantage of when presented. But also, and more importantly, of mindset. Are you into manifesting? Because I am, and honestly my life has been 80% manifested. I am lucky to say that all the things I have wanted to do, have happened. Maybe not as quick as I would have loved, but I definitely got there when the moment was right.

In regards to time... If someone is constantly thinking, “I don’t have time for this”, they will NEVER have time for that. But if you are conscious of your time management, you will be able to do everything and more. I wake up in the early morning hours and that’s when I start my day, so of course I have time to do lots of stuff, enjoy a nice home cooked vegan meal and catch up on a favorite show before going to sleep. It’s all mindset. I don’t see it as a burden to wake up at 3am, I see it as an opportunity to do more things during the day; when you wake up to this thought, trust me; you won’t find it dreadful. 

3. On business in Tulum and supporting the local Mayan women with Fair Trade, Sustainable & slow fashion~

I have been making clothes for years now but the style, inspiration and philosophy behind it has changed at the same pace that I have changed. I’m very grateful that I’m capable of selling my linen pieces in local shops in México and the USA. But this joy does not solely come from the fact that people are admiring and buying my brand; actually most of it comes from the satisfaction I get from being able to help my artisan women put food on their tables. When I lived in Baja, I did all the sewing myself; but my designs were mostly high couture gowns for weddings and fancy social events. I was in another stage of fashion back then, too vain and superficial for my taste. When I decided to change my lifestyle and move to the Caribbean, my fashion sense and style changed as well. When I arrived in Tulum, I thought I’d just start making beachy clothes for myself, but then friends asked me for the pieces I was wearing, then stores and soon I needed help with the sewing. I started looking for local women that could help me out with production and now, these amazing seamstresses have come back to life. They are all elder grandmas that are now the major providers for their family households.They are so grateful that they can make money from their art: sewing, knitting, pattern making, designing. Honestly, there have been stressful times when I have said “fuck it! I can’t do this anymore, it’s too muchl” BUT the face of these women LIGHTING UP every single time I arrive with more fabric is what keeps me going. They need the job, and I have realized that it is not only for the money but also because it makes them feel useful and valuable; when they were “self-declared” as a burden for their family. So this is empowering. There are times when I do not have any commissions but still I bring them material so they can make a garment or pillow for me, just so they can have an income. And other times, when buyers rush me with orders, I have to educate them: this is a slow fashion movement and I am not going to pressure my girls, as they make everything by hand, in their homes, where they have other duties such as taking care of their grandchildren, cooking, cleaning and still...they search for the time and willpower to create clothing for me. 

PALMYRA HANDMADE has become a strong supporter of women from the local Mayan communities through the slow fashion and fair trade movements. I try to be as sustainable as I can. I have created several “zero waste” pieces from scraps and leftover fabrics, reducing textile waste and becoming more eco-friendly. I’m trying to make a living with my clothing label but also to make a difference; one that teaches people to take care of the environment, to support their local creators, to value the work done by hand and to question the origins of what they purchase. It’s important for all of us nowadays to ask “where is this garment coming from?” Is it coming from a massive fast-fashion oppressing company or a small independent brand that supports causes and is trying to make a positive impact on the environment and the lives of others? KNOWING THE ORIGINS is key in the actual world; our planet and our people depend on it. 

4. On finding inspiration?

I find inspiration from my own thoughts, my experiences and myself. Yes, it might be easier to focus in a peaceful scenario but honestly sometimes in the middle of the war zone is when I can create the most. When I feel something inside, I can’t go on existing until I put it in writing, painting, fabric, etc… My head would explode. I am a person that lives too much inside her head so definitely everything I come up with is a result of what I’m going through at the moment, regardless of my location or life circumstances. My art has changed so much through the years, if I laid it all out in front of you, one could identify certain periods and what I was feeling in each one. Same with my style and fashion sense, music taste and random likes and dislikes; I have been so many "Ivettes," it’s like I’m constantly evolving. And each Ivette has brought me something different and led me into the next one, so it’s never hard to say goodbye to the old because I know it’s time to make room for the new to come.

5. Muse?

I am inspired by brave, bold and independent women ahead of their time that defied society and went against men and all odds, to pursue their dreams. The ones that played a huge part in changing history so young women could dream big and feel able to follow those dreams. I am most drawn to women in the field of the arts which of course includes Frida Kahlo. I also admire Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Amelia Earhart, Coco Chanel, Jk Rowling and Beatrix Potter.

6. Diary of Mexico~

I had already been living in Playa del Carmen for three years but decided I needed to explore other areas in México before settling in Tulum. So again, I was off to embrace a new adventure. I first went to Oaxaca, where I stayed about four months living in between different beach towns on the coast. First Mazunte for two months then a couple of weeks in San Agustinillo, then Zipolite, Zicatela, Puerto Escondido, Huatulco and then finally reaching Oaxaca city. The whole state is beautiful but it just wasn’t my place to live. I then ventured to San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas for a month and I could have easily stayed longer if it wasn’t for the cold. . By that time, my cousin from San Diego was moving to NYC so I thought, why not? Total contrast from the jungly places I was living.I had to make a stop in Baja at my parents house to change wardrobes; left my suitcases packed with all of summer frocks and bikinis and grabbed my coats from my old bedroom. New York is the bomb, amazing city; I only stayed a month because I’m not American and also it’s too much and too big for me. I just feel more comfortable in small beach towns. Next I applied for a job in Sayulita and when they called me I booked a flight to Baja, changed wardrobes again and then jumped on a flight to Sayulita. I stayed in Sayulita for awhile but ultimately I felt a pull for Tulum .


❣ Beach clubs: Whenever I go to the beach I hang out only at these hotels I love: Sanará, Nomade, Ahau Tulum and Chiringuito.

❣ Restaurants: There are so many great places to eat in Tulum and vegan! I love Pasha, Mezzanine Hotel, The Real Coconut, Raw Love, Holistika’s Tierra restaurant and Matcha Mama for the smoothie bowls!

❣ Bars: I don’t party at all, but I do enjoy drinks once every year at Encanto Cantina, Casa Jaguar and Gitano.

❣ Shop: Wanderlust Tulum of course! La Tiendita, In the Middle, Calas, Yevadon are my faves. 

8. On Scent & Memories? 

You know how there are scents or songs or colors that transport you into memories… I love that. I have a great memory. I’m able to remember ridiculous moments from my childhood, like what a girl was wearing the first day of kindergarten, or what I wore to that party in high school, or the names and addresses of classmates I literally haven’t seen in decades. Whenever I smell or see or taste something I haven’t felt for a while it triggers my memory and transports me into another time. Sometimes I induce it, with songs mainly, especially from the 90s. (Meredith Brooks, Ace of Base or Nirvana) I loved the 90s and it always cheers me up.  


I'm all about the morning rituals and night rituals, getting in the car rituals and cleaning rituals..maybe because I'm an OCD freak, I can't help myself. Little things such as making coffee the way I like it while sitting alone in mental silence. Enjoying breakfast and taking my time to indulge and savor it. Listening to the birds outside and chanting with no disturbance from cars honking or construction. Moving my body through yoga. Running or cycling outdoors is imperative because I need my dose of daily nature: the smell of vegetation, the sound of the waves, the feeling of sand between my toes and the wind in my face...

I’m so devoted to being an early bird that lately I rise at 2~3 AM and literally drink my first cup of coffee by 2:45 AM. It’s funny because some would say it’s still night time but for me it's magic. It’s a very quiet, peaceful and delightfully dark morning that allows me to wake up at my own pace, slowly adjust into “living” again after a good sleep which provides me the space to stay still and enjoy the new day without the noise and the people. I’m one of those that NEEDS to have several hours of silence and a lot of caffeine before stepping out into the world; I really require to mentally prepare for life Everyday. I've been like this since I was a kid, though the activities have changed over the years but still the rituals of easing into life have stayed. 

10. Currently reading?

I literally just started reading a book someone gave to me, "The Passion of Artemisia" by Susan Vreeland. I find so much comfort in reading. I try to read one book a month but lately I’ve been taking the time to study more about social media and online marketing. I’m a sucker for love stories even when I don’t believe in such a thing for myself; maybe that’s why I like them so much; I don't know if I will never have a grand love story so I experience them through the ones I read about. My faves are Jane Eyre, Love in the times of Cholera, Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations and Glory and the Lightning. I have all of the books I have read stored in my room at my parents house. I don't think I will ever part with them. I love to open an old book that smells...oh the smell of old pages is magical.

11. On finding Zen? 

Over the years I have come to realize there is no such thing as a specific “happy place”, at least for me. I have struggled with depression since childhood and always thought that what depressed me was where I lived. I don’t fit in with the people and lifestyle of my hometown not even with my family’s. In college I got to travel to Europe with the student exchange program. I thought finally.. I am going away. What I realized after landing in Madrid, the scenario had changed but I was still me and my thoughts were still there. Years later I experienced what many of us go through. I thought I found my "Happy Place" with a guy...until he broke my heart. I guess this is what has kept me moving, trying to find my place in the world and in turn, myself...and my zen. I have learned that no matter where I am, I could move to Bora Bora or Saturn and still; if I don’t to the inner work, I will carry depression everywhere I go. It's hard sometimes to navigate life as a creative, someone who feels things so deeply, who sees life as art and art as life...but this is my path. I am working on it and this is what counts. My zen zone would be anytime when I am not letting those dark thoughts take over me. It’s precious time, like when I’m doing my yoga practice, or painting, sewing, cycling or even enjoying a quiet morning at the beach on my own.. in one of those secret spots I love with no one around. 


I am not sure that I am wise enough to share any wisdom but I DO have one mantra that I live by and have found that it works like a charm: “GIVE NO FUCKS”. That’s it. Follow your gut, do your hustle no matter what as long as you are not hurting anyone or anything. Just live and let live and give no fucks of what anyone else tells you. I have gotten where I am now with no fucks given. If I would have cared, I would probably be an unhappily married housewife with a bunch of kids somewhere in Mexicali, Baja California. If I had cared of what people told me then, I would have never studied Fashion as a career or yoga to be a instructor, or moved to Tulum, or traveled alone...So Give no fucks, please! 

14. FREE FOR ALL~On our current situation

I wonder how everyone is coping. I myself find it extremely hard to endure. I have been in quarantine since the beginning of March. Although I have no trouble staying at home, it is the fact of uncertainty that is killing me. I’ve been having constant panic attacks and physical complications due to stress: insomnia, body pain, vertigo, and lately even paralysis in my right hand. I can’t even sew, paint or draw during this time because I need my right hand to do so. All of this is making it difficult for me to stay upbeat. I try to stay strong and hopeful but the fact that the virus is not going away, that everything has stopped in the business world, that my financial situation is paused, that we cannot go out normally and enjoy regular activities, that I cannot touch or hug anyone and that we DO NOT KNOW WHEN this is all going to's all too much. I am feeling it all too much and I find it draining all of the energy from me. I know a lot of people are very anxious, and I want to say to you, I am too that way; it is normal to experience this, you are not alone. I feel you. Let’s stay strong together, even at a distance. This too shall pass~





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Caroline Day~Actress. Sharing In flight beauty & Portuguese escapes

I met Caroline on Scandal. We don't even remember what we bonded over. Sometimes someone sits in your makeup chair and it's like you've known them for lifetimes. We do share similar obsessions with travel, beauty, coffee and our latest-stalking homes for sale in foreign countries (via IG) Daydreaming of owning a villa in another country is such an amazing escape and it's fun to have someone to to share the obsession with. This is being written during the Covid Pandemic so any distraction that soothes the soul is good for us. Here she shares her beauty routine, the secret to her effortless style and how she dances herself into zen..


My grandma. Always chic, she’s taught me the elegance of simplicity: white blouse, black slacks, black flats, chignon! Maybe a pop of red lipstick. She reminds me of a little Portuguese Audrey Hepburn. 


Every morning when I wake up, I wash my face with a gentle cleanser. My two favorites are Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Foaming Cleanser and La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel. I like having my face feel super clean before I put on any product or makeup. Then I put on a layer of Embryolisse or another lightweight moisturizer. My heavy duty products -- serums, peels, masks, or any retinols -- are part of my nighttime regimen because I generally don’t have time in the morning. Besides, at night I can let products sit while I watch a movie. Also, I am not yet together enough to wake up 30 minutes early for my skin routine. Before leaving the house, I always make time to apply a layer of sunscreen, ideally Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen or Glossier Invisible Shield because you can’t feel them on your face. And I never wear makeup if I don’t have to. If I do have to, I keep it simple: a lightweight foundation, a swipe of mascara, and a lip. 


My biggest secret is that I don’t have any: no hard and fast rules is my rule. I try to wear sunscreen and a hat, but I love being in the sun in the summer. If sun damage gives me crows feet, so be it. I try to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, but I also have a sweet tooth and love carbs. If pasta gives me love handles, so be it that too. It may sound cliche, but I think happy, whole, fulfilled people are the most beautiful. 


I am decidedly un-zen. For me, it’s music and dancing that gets me into a flow state and helps me tap into spirituality. 


My new favorite thing to do, now that we’ve adopted a Safer-At-Home quarantine lifestyle, is to virtually tour a museum in the afternoon. It’s great: no lines, fewer stairs, clothing optional. Of course, it’s nothing like the real thing. I love seeing art up close. But these tours remind me of the world outside my apartment and the power of art. If you’re looking for great online collections, I highly recommend The MASP Museum of Sao Paulo, The Musee d’Orsay, and the Uffizi Gallery.


Educated is my new favorite book. While it’s really harrowing, it reminds me of what humans are capable of when we dig deep. Old favorites include Bob Dylan’s Chronicles, Madame Bovary and Wuthering Heights. On a rainy afternoon, I love to flip through Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing or Rimbaud’s A Season in Hell. When I’m in the mood for a short story, my first stops are Checkhov and Nabakov. And if my attention span is even shorter, I really enjoy looking through art books; they’re visually engaging which really helps with my ADD. 


When I was a kid, my mom always wore a pink, silk robe. Before it was my mom’s, it had been her mother’s. And It had a distinctly floral scent. I always think of that as my mother’s scent and I can still recall it today, even though the robe has been tattered for years. 


Easily the Silent Living Hotel in Lisbon! Its beauty is in it’s artful simplicity. The design is breathtaking: huge limestone staircases and minimal furnishings. And, beyond the aesthetic element, there’s a unique quality to the family-owned space; it really feels like you’re being welcomed into the home of a dear friend. Every morning’s breakfast is this beautiful spread with a variety of juices, breads, sweets, and artisanal honeys and cheeses. The care and intention with which they prepare it, and everything else, make this hotel so special, like nowhere else in the world.


I go big when it comes to in-flight skincare. If I have makeup on, I wash my face the minute we reach 30k feet. Then, I moisturize. I put on my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask because my lips become lizard-like almost immediately after take off. My most important plane product is Barbara Sturm’s Anti Pollution Drops: these fight the free radicals from air travel, so I make sure to re-apply several times in flight. Then, at some point - believe it or not - I do a mask. It looks ridiculous, but I fly so much, my skin really appreciates it. Also, it passes the time. ‘My Beauty Diary Alps Edelweiss Ultra-Repairing Mask’ is my go-to, because it’s incredibly hydrating and reasonably priced. And finally, I drink as much water as I can. It’s good for your insides, too! IG:  @drbarbarasturm 


LA~Cecconis! Best kept secret... that I am now telling the internet. In the late afternoon, I’ll head there for a light afternoon snack: gnocchi and iced latte. I love their iced lattes. 


Depends on the vibe of the trip, but my go to is Bossa Nova. It works wherever you are and wherever you’re heading. Throw on some Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto, or Caetano Veloso and you’re good to go. And if I spot tumbleweeds through the car window, I have to throw on some Waylon Jennings, John Denver or Dolly Parton.


I have always had a dream life in which I am a painter. Unfortunately I have absolutely zero talent for painting, but I am hoping this pans out in a future lifetime. 


When I am fully engaging with life. When I am at my most activated, excited, exhausted, excited, etc. I hate stagnancy. I always have this feeling that there’s so much to do in a day, week, month, life….and if I’m not I’m missing out. I feel beautiful when I feel fully alive. 



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KATIE LOWES actress~On bonfires, The Bachelor & Hamilton

KATIE LOWES~You know her from SCANDAL as Quinn Perkins but you may not know what an incredible human she is!! I spent the last 7 years doing her makeup on SCANDAL. We bonded at moment one and even when it was 5 am (on a Monday) we managed to make each other laugh. Katie and her mom have been huge fans and supporters of my boutique and I am so grateful. Here Katie shares her obsessions, inspirations and fear of waves.


Kerry Washington. Duh                                                                                      


ALWAYS wash your makeup off before matter how many drinks you have had!            

Drew Barrymore and Sienna Miller

Lollipop Theatre Network is a charity near and dear to my heart.
It brings movies to kids who are too ill to leave the hospital.

All the perfumes from the Smoke line & jewelry. Denise always finds the coolest little handmade pieces. Katie's mom stocks up on Hortense Wish me Luck bracelets (SHOP DAYDREAMER)                                              

Go on a gorilla trek in Rwanda.

Bonfire mixed with evergreen trees! Reminds me of camping back east 

My couch. In front of the Bachelor or Bachelorette!

Right now. Hamilton the Musical. All day all night. Rinse and repeat

Just finished Shonda Rhimes' Year of Yes. Brilliant, beautiful, a must

"No day but today." Rent

I'm so scared of the ocean. Mostly waves. Waaaaay too much!                                                                 

Vacations!! I love to travel. Near and far. Every chance
I get. And while there, I love to splurge on hotels and excursions and local

I try to use natural & organic products whenever possible. A few items you might find in my cabinet ~Bag balm, kiehl's, Caudalie .            


Being where I want to be, when I want to be, with who I want to be
with, speaking whatever I want.

Lin Manuel Miranda. Obsessed with him right now. He wrote the
music and book to Hamilton and plays Alexander Hamilton too.


Soul cycle, Pilates and any cardio booty shaking dance class I can find.

Not so secretly: Bachelor Nation

Um... Bachelor Nation

Call my mom.

After a good nights sleep.

A therapist.

Peru!!! Forever and ever.

IG: @Ktqlowes

Katies Crib-Podcast


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RACHELLE LEFEVRE Actress~On beauty, life & french fries


I sat down with Rachelle for few questions on beauty & life....

RACHELLE LEFEVRE~Actress, animal lover, beautiful inside & out, food blogger and all around extraordinary friend. Rachelle and I love to wander aimlessly down Abbott Kinney in Venice, ponder life, share thoughts on our entrepreneurial daydreams and share our LOVE for delicious eats along the way. We call these days our Amnesia Days when nothing else matters but this moment in time.

Lauren Hutton & Charlotte Rampling. I love women who don't take themselves too seriously, aren't afraid to age and always seem to wear their spirit on their face. Knowing who you are and accepting who you aren't- when that comes through, nothing is more beautiful.

Indie magazines like "oh comely," "Darling," "Sweet Paul" and of course, "Kinfolk." I love the originality and uniqueness of content and the photos & illustrations are always amazing.

Best Friends Animal Society. They rescue animals, run a sanctuary, lobby for animal protection laws and also work to make shelters "no kill" so homeless animals don't get euthanized. I've been a spokesperson for them since 2009 and I couldn't be prouder of the work they do.

My floor pillows~

My husband, my kids, my dogs and See's Candies.

I don't know how I lived before Kerastase Cleansing Balm and Oscar Blandi Brilliant Glossing Cream.

Wake up, wash face, Clé de Peau SPF 50 (without fail!), and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. 

I live for Poutine (French fries, cheese curds and gravy) but it has to come from my hometown, Montreal, it just never tastes the same anywhere else. For a healthy fave I feel like everyone in LA always says "green juices" but I actually love them. They're also a great way to wash away the guilt, I mean, wash down an apple fritter.

Calvin Klein's Escape reminds me of every cute boy I crushed on in high school. They must have passed it around in the locker room or something because they ALL wore it.


Letters to my Daughter by Maya Angelou and back issues of the NY Times Sunday Magazine     

11. ALTER EGO?                                                                        

I love being an actor but lately I have felt the pull towards creating events that encourage more community & support among women for a while now. Not sure how that will play out- I'm in the brainstorming phase of, "How do I make this passion less abstract and into an actual dream I can pursue?"

Zac Brown Band's "Homegrown" on repeat.

Caudalie Divine Body Oil, Hourglass "The Nudes" lipstick in #5

For years I've had this dream of renting an Airstream trailer, driving from LA to Austin and just bunking down until I feel like driving home again.

Living in the countryside, eating at The Fat Duck, tasting the Yamazaki Whiskey 25 year, writing a book, owning a bakery/library cafe, finally accepting my upper arms.

Waking up in my bed at home- such a rarity- with my family , the dogs and a version of bulletproof coffee I make myself with Tava organic vanilla bean ghee.

Black, white, blue denim.

IG @rachellelefevre

IG @PTBBLOG                                                                                           

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DAYDREAMING with Ariane Dutzi

Ariane was born and raised in Germany. She also lived for a time in Paris where she worked as a foreign correspondent in Fashion, Art & Design, a move to NYC followed and this would be her next stop for another four years. She then had a mid life crisis or sudden epiphany as we creatives do at some point in our lives (speaking from my own experience) She needed a break from her fast paced life in the big cities, so she took off for the Yucatan. This is where her alter ego life would flourish and Dutzi Design would be founded. I've admired Dutzi Desgin for quite some time and I love that she followed her heart and a dream. The bags are impeccably made and the design esthetic is gorgeous and so unique. I am so lucky to carry her bags in the shop. The handmade process helps an entire community of women in a near by village. The women are paid per bag which encourages productivity. They go to the studio and pick up all of the supplies so they can work from home.  Dutzi employs over 20 mayan artisans in the this indigenous community. I was so honored to visit and meet these lovely women. Dutzi was formed out of a change of life and direction so the company had to be different , something to reflect her beliefs in sustainability, quality and making a statement through this design concept. The materials used are eco- friendly with most of the bags being made from recycled burlap sourced from Mexico. Each bag is handcrafted, one of a kind and most importantly changes the landscape of these women's lives and their families and communities. 

Maiyet, who works in collaboration with Nest. I love their esthetics.

Audrey Hepburn. Love her timeless elegance.

Tulum in the low season. I love being on the beach. My favorites are meditation, walks on the beach with my dogs, swimming in the Caribbean.  Life in the Yucatan couldn't get any better!

I would love to visit more of Latin America. Brasil and Punta del Este are definitely on the bucket list.
But my all time favorite is Europe. I love Paris and I love to spend summers in Croatia and Sarajevo. Last year I went to Laguna Beach & Los Angeles in CA and and loved both places. As you can see, there are so many inspirational places so It's hard to choose a favorite . 

Merida and Izamal. Izamal, the yellow town is just gorgeous and so peaceful. Merida is hopping these days. Every time I go there, they've  opened a new restaurant or a new art gallery. I love the combination of the old and the new. The food in Merida is also a highlight.

6. If you hadn't made that life decision to drop everything and move~where do you think you would be now and where?
Hard to tell, maybe still in NY working as a foreign correspondent. Or I might have moved back to Paris.

7. What prompted the trip to Mexico and how did you discover and ultimately settle in Valladolid?
Friends of friends  opened a hotel in Tulum. It was called Las Ranitas. At the time Tulum was an off the radar destination, there were only four hotels. I was in desperate need of a break from my NY life. I took a sabbatical and went to Tulum. I didn’t know much about it. But I saw pictures of the beach and said, that's where I need to be. It was in the middle of January in NY and freezing so I decided to take three months off. I loved Tulum the the moment I arrived. And yes, it was exactly what I needed. Three months became a year and then another 6 months and so on. First I helped my friends with the hotel, then I met Nicolas Malleville (a famous argentinean model aka known as the founder of Coqui Coqui perfumes and hotels) who was embarking on his dream to design and develop  hotels in the Yucatan. After doing this for awhile, I decided that maybe it was time to go back to NY. At the time  I was ready again for a little bit more action and a better social life.  I moved back to NY, but spent part time in Tulum. I got a job to running a Vintage show room in NYC, created by the former Vintage buyer of Ralph Lauren. Eventually I missed my Tulum life too much so what was meant to be a three month sabbatical turned into a long term affair.  I decided to buy a house in Valladolid and renovate it. Valladolid is a beautiful old colonial city which is only 1 1/2 hours from Tulum. I just didn’t see myself living alone as a single woman on the beach of Tulum with no electricity and no hot water. I am not good with generators and the rustic life. I love the peacefulness of Valladolid, loved the culture and the architecture. The town is nearly 500 years old. I bought a colonial house, which I restored and started my company here. There are also more artisans in and around Valladolid. Tulum is a rather new place and new town.  Valladolid  is a perfect home base. We are only 1 1/2 from Tulum, Cancun and from Merida. From here you can explore the beaches of Holbox, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, etc. and the culture of Merida with their surrounding haciendas.

8. Where to you find the most inspiration?
I travel a lot. Most of my inspiration comes from nature. It could be walks in the jungle or Upstate NY (I still spend a lot of time in NYC and Upstate NY). Colors of Valladolid? Yes, I definitively love the colors of Valladolid and in general the colors of Mexico. This is one thing, I am so attracted to in this country.

9. Did you know Spanish or did you to learn Spanish?
Yes, absolutely. I am also thinking about finally learning Maya. It’s something I wanted to learn for a long time. But restoring my house and starting my company didn’t leave me with much free time.  I love the mayan language and most of my artisans speak maya and not Spanish.

10. How did you decide to use Jute as your material choice?
I was looking for a material, which is used nearly all over the world. For me jute is symbolic. I truly believe, that we are all connected. My grandparents had a farm in Germany. That’s where I grew up. I was always close to Mother Nature. The smell of the Earth is one of my first memories. I wanted to work with a material, which leads us back to Mother Earth. That’s why the jute sacks were perfect. You transport from seeds to a finished product like coffee in them. So for me they are the homage to Mother Earth and to my grandparents and their life on the farm. I also love the prints and the fonds on them. They are like a piece of art for me. It couldn’t be better.

11. Mayan beauty secrets?
Drink a lime juice first thing in the morning. It cleanses your body, which gives you clean and radiant skin. If you can drink one lime first thing in the morning without diluting will have the most benefit. 

12. Mexican artist?
Francisco Toledo and Guillermo Olguin

13. Advice for anyone that wants to quit the day job and start a new life?
Find YOUR place first. Get inside yourself,  travel and  find your passion. Nothing is easy in life, that’s why you need to have passion for it.  Passion and love for something will will make it easier to overcome the difficult times.

~Photos below from my studio tour in Valladolid.

~Also check out our Instagram for more images of our lovely visit to this beautiful colonial town. 

DUTZI IG @dutzistyle

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AXEL & ASH~On Bucket lists and Wanderlust


AXEL & ASH~It's a lovely bonus when business turns into friendship. These 2 amazing Aussie girls (one by way of Sweden) made their daydreams come true with their wonderful books WANDERLUST & BUCKET LIST (in stock)  We share the same style, aesthetic, passion and a mutual girl crush. We got to meet in California to collaborate,  hangout, share stories, Instagram obsess and rollerskate at the I share with you 2 of my new best friends~


Axel: Oh the one we just finished - road trip across the states to find all the coolest stores to house our books. It was two months on the road in 7 different cars, from Mustangs and luxury hotels to an RV we lived in for 2.5 weeks. We explored and experienced so much of the country, made wonderful new friends, ticked off a bunch of our own bucketlist items (Pick an avocado straight from a tree, dance at a roof top party in New York, and cross the golden gate bridge on a bicycle) and had an absolute blast!

Ash: Ahhhh there are so many amazing ones! I have absolutely loved every single item I have ticked off my Bucketlist. Definitely starting a business with a friend has been the  longest, wildest and the most amazing journey….Although, I think one of the biggest solo adventures I did was when I walked The Camino to Santiago De Compestella. The trek took me a month to do. I started from the Pyreenees in South of France and walked all the way across Spain to the tip of the ocean, ending in Finisterra. I walked 960km over 30 days finishing on my birthday. France & Spain were so beautiful, you see all types of terrain and I met so many amazing people from all walks of life. I really loved the journey and not knowing what tomorrow would bring. The excitement of reaching the ultimate destination after working so hard physically  was one of the biggest & proudest accomplishments of my life. 

Axel: Early morning, a long boardwalk, sun, friends and rollerskates!
Ash: When you’re free as a bird, doing what you love everyday, surrounded by the people you love and who inspire you to be your best self.

Axel: All time fave was 'Roadtrippin' - Red Hot chilli Peppers, Johnny Cash and Coldplay but after only having radio for 2 weeks in our RV, I fell massively for Taylor Swift - Wildest dreams starting.. 'let's get out of this town, drive out of the city, away from the crowd.  

Ash: I love indie rock, but really anything that makes feel like dancing does it for me. However, ‘Wildest Dreams’ by Taylor Swift, captures my heart as my fav song. We listened to that on repeat (on our road trip) and never once got sick of it.                                                                                                       


Axel: Haha - you know this one :)  I'm always inspired by a clean, fresh feed and being an ocean baby, I try to mirror that as much as possible. We love lots of whites and blues and try to follow that but it's hard when you are in big cities where everything tends to be more brownish! 
Ash: I am a big believer in posting what inspires you, what you love or creating/doing. People are attracted to your brand because something has inspired them and because they really like following your journey and adventures. Therefore, I think it’s important to stay true to that.

5. CAMERA LOVE?                                                                                         

Axel: Canon 7D! I love my Canon, however it died on our last trip and I reverted to iPhone - missing the pretty pics but it certainly saves energy not lugging a big camera around!
Ash: I am a big fan of Nikon cameras, but recently I changed to a Fuji… I’m still adjusting to it, but loving my wifi connection where I can send pictures from my camera directly to my phone without any computer or cords!

Axel: Egyptian Magic. It work wonders on a 16 hr. flight from LA to Sydney! And I always clean my face and leave it just slightly wet 2-3 times during the flight. Feels like it refreshes me somehow.

Ash: Water! Water & Water! Staying hydrated is key to not  feel dehydrated or lethargic when arriving to my destination. .

Axel: If I was only that sophisticated! :) Whatever works as long as it has four wheels and an outside pocket.
Ash: I really like American Tourister luggage.

Axel: I really like the Andaz hotel chain! They are just fun & fresh and the staff is so chilled and extremely helpful. i don't like the typical stiff hotel staff.
Ash: W Retreat & Spa Bali. A really funky & very cool hotel. I love the creative design and modern art that is splashing out everywhere.. It really caters for the modern traveller of today. Their attention to detail is immaculate, you’re really wowed by everything. From the amazing restaurants, private apartments, indulging spa, bars and the beautiful beach & sunsets that set over the horizon… the perfect place to holiday in style..

Axel: Anything California - but I must say Abbot Kinney road and the boardwalks of Venice Beach in L.A as I am obsessed by roller skating at the moment.
Ash: Too many! Hawaii, San Francisco, LA, all the Californian beaches, New Orleans, Austin & New York! Favourites for all different reasons :)

Axel: 'Oh That's Fun!' I feel like I'm in a high school Hollywood movie everytime I hear it (which is like all the time!) And we are obsessed with the Poke in Hawaii - one cuisine that has not yet been copied in Sydney. #yum! 
Ash: Hahaha I love the word ‘y’all’… makes me laugh so much, especially with the Southern accents! Also, Wholefoods… was slightly obsessed with that chain and wish we could take all the stores back with us to Australia. I also loved all the clothing and style in the LA boutiques!

Axel: Too many people! I just love hearing stories about people, what they do, what they dream of and what they aspire to. Everybody I meet who is really pushing and working to reach a dream ( work wise, personal, artistic, etc.) it all inspires me!
Ash: Ahhh I get inspired by so many different things. From meeting new people, listening to a friend achieve something amazing, doing yoga by the sea, watching an athlete run a marathon, reading a great magazine article, watching a documentary or looking at a phenomenal piece of art! I really feel the world throws out inspiration everywhere and everyday which is what makes it so magical.

Axel: Ash has been pushing this for years, I love my job and want to keep a foot in both ends, but after working double jobs (full time job and full time business on the side) for years it has taken it's toll. We actually get a little jealous when our friends say they are bored.. I haven't been bored for as long as I can remember but I think it is needed for the brain and well being to have a rest. We decided that our US road trip would be the big break we needed from our everyday lives so that we could put all of our time and energy into our business. It was great to have the time to move forward and  fulfill all of our wildest dreams and ideas.
Ash: As Hanna said,we were working so much and not having a balanced life. We both worked full-time jobs + full-time on the business for 3 years in order to support our dream. We didn’t ever give up and always strived to be working full-time on what we loved.  When we work on Axel & Ash it doesn’t feel like work, the hours fly by and we absolutely love every minute of it. Everyday is so different and we’re always learning new things. All of our hard work has paid off and now I work full time on Axel & Ash.

Axel: I really don't care about tourist attractions. I like to feel the real pulse of a city, befriend the locals and be part of the everyday life wherever I am.  My absolute favourite part of travelling is meeting so many random & interesting people. I often end up being invited to their home for dinner, a party or a family excursion. I've made lifelong friends this way and there is something so magical in the meeting between people and cultures.... those are always my highlights!
Ash: Don’t be scared of the unknown. Going to any new place can be out of your comfort zone, but don’t stress and just let the destination take you with it to truly live every single moment. I also love grabbing the Hop on & off bus. It’s my way to capture the cities blue print in my mind and hear the history behind it before I go exploring. I really like to get my bearings of any new city and to learn as much as I can. The bus allows me to watch the city from above and take it all in. 

Axel: You might think you need more experience to pursue your dream but you don't so DO IT sooner rather than later!
Ash: Believe in yourself and follow your dreams from the get go!

Axel: Too many places. I've lived and worked in 4 of the 6 continents (Thailand, Spain, Sweden, Norway, US & Australia) and with that comes leaving beautiful places and wonderful friends. I have left pieces of my heart scattered all over the world!
Ash: Paris & New York.

Axel: I fell in love with the rad shopfronts and palm tree lined Abbot Kinney in Venice. And of course Sweden (my hometown) - never fail to fill my suitcase up with new goodies when I'm home.
Ash: Bleecker Street, Manhattan (NYC). Finding items that aren’t everywhere is my favourite thing to do. There are so many cool and funky independent designers. I always find so many items to take back with me

17. BEST ADVICE YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN? (for business)
Axel: Actually I haven't received much but one that sticks is 'Fail fast' by Lisa Messenger! It's so true. If something doesn't work - dont dwell on it. Just realize, learn and move on!
Ash: Don’t be afraid to go for it, ask for help or approach people. So many people are hesitant and worry what others will think. Just believe in yourself and go for it, follow your dream and don’t look back. Talk to strangers and tell them all about your goals… the universe will then open all the doors!

Axel: Open roads ahead of me. I never feel as free as when I am on a road trip, sleeping in a car, stopping wherever & wherever my heart desires. With good company and time on my hands and no stress.. That's freedom.
Ash: Doing what you love everyday!

Axel: 'You only live once - but if you do it right, once is enough!" by Mae West
Ash: ‘Believe you can, and you will’

Axel: I am a studio News Director - a very random job! A studio director is the person in the control room who speaks in the ear of the presenter, camera guys etc. calls the shots, and simply directs the whole control room and program - Live on air. You have to be very focused and in the moment - If I do anything wrong it's already too late.. It will go straight out on air. I love it! Once it was my dream job and I still do it on the side. I love coming back into the studio but I also love that I have the freedom to pursue another path and I have to pinch myself that I get to live my dream.

Ash: I was an Associate Financial Planner. I really loved the finance industry and learnt so much about business and economics. However, my true passion is for writing and creating.

Axel: Toiletry bags by NUNO (shop Mercado)
Ash: Ali Lamu Totes~weekender ! (Shop Summer essentials)

Axel: Waaay to much - every time! But in the end I can't live without a pair of jeans shorts or black coated jeans and a white tee! A pair of heels and a pair of thongs and a white flowy dress and I'm set!
Ash: Camera, laptop, converse, jeans, white top & my swimmers!

All the cute summer girls in Bondi!
Cara Delevinge

Axel: When you just feel inside you that you want to get away, have freedom, no time constraints, no plans. Just go and let the world take you!
Ash: Where all you want to do is set out and take flight. You want to explore, adventure, live in the moment and experience new things. Travelling is the most beautiful thing that allows you to do all that.




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