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Jamie Pesanti~ Frida, travel & Daydreaming

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    Jamie is living my dream of quitting her job and following her heart.
    We met over coffee and became instant friends with our shared love of Mexico, travel, photography, cafes and collecting goods on our travels.
    Jamie owns Mercado Collective (an online shop) as well as a Brick & Mortar in San Miguel de Allende. The shop supports makers, artists along with mayan made goods Here she shares her favorite spots in San Miguel, Sunday Mornings & quitting the day job~



    I was a teacher for 19 years in a low income, gang ridden neighborhood  in Southern California. I loved my job, the children, the families (most of the time) but I always knew I wasn’t destined to be a teacher. I didn’t grow up traveling or speaking other languages. I wasn’t exposed to different cultures within the realm of travel but still I knew since I was little that I wanted and dreamed of that for my future. I was always drawn to anyone different than me and always curious and wanted to know more. I fell Into teaching and poured myself Into it. I saved every penny to travel every time I had a break. After time I burnt out as I’m sure we all do in any job after a while but I just kept thinking that I wouldn’t be doing my students or myself justice if I stayed with this job for another 25 years until I could retire. I knew it wasn’t an option for me, but it was terrifying to think about leaving a stable paycheck and health Insurance. It was stewing inside me for a couple years until I finally decided that it was time to either just do it or keep thinking about it and dreaming of a different life. 

    Mexico was an easy choice! I had been to Mexico numerous times and had lived in Spain many years before as a teacher. I had already learned Spanish but wanted to get back to a Spanish speaking country again. Mexico is close to California and my family and friends. It’s a beautifully diverse country with amazing people and it was a place I could afford to live. 

    There are so many gorgeous women in the world. Aishwarya Rai and Paz Vega have always been two favorites of mine. They are effortlessly and naturally beautiful and intelligent women whose films I’ve loved and whose complexion and look I find stunning. Also, Michelle from IG @tropicophoto is so incredibly beautiful, stunning, stylish and creative. 

    3. ZEN ZONE? 

    I've just rediscovered yoga again after a two year break. It's bringing me a lot of inner peace and helping heal aches, pains and fears. 

    4. LOCAL GUIDE ?

     ❥ The Collective~ at Jesus 27 with my store Mercado Collective (shameless plug), Maclovia Shop, Yo San Miguel Gallery, and Nomada Cocina de interpretación    

     ❥ Bekeb- A gorgeous bar/rooftop in centro with amazing views, cool design + decor and the lovely mixologist Fabiola Padilla. The drinks are SO good! Best place to watch the sunset in San Miguel de Allende.

     ❥ The Spice Market at Live Aqua Hotel. Delicious + beautiful Asian/Mexican fusion 

     ❥ Tostevere- A really cute, local unassuming but delicious place to lunch or breakfast in centro.

     ❥ Coven- coming soon! The first plant based restaurant in San Miguel de Allende by Chef Nicolette Hoffman. My mother is not vegan nor vegetarian and after trying Chef Nicolettes food, said she’s could eat her creations every day all day! 

    5. BUCKET LIST?  Oh so many.... I want to visit everywhere! Next on the list ~Argentina, Peru and Croatia  

    6. SCENT MEMORY ? favorite is Coqui Coqui‘s Coco scent. Reminds me of everything I love about Mexico and making the choice to live here.


    Just finished~ A room of One's Own by Virginia Wolf.  


    “Feet what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” Frida 

    “There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do, simply because they had the courage to do them and believe in themselves.” Unknown


    Women. Women who believe in themselves and stand up for themselves and others. Women who support other women. Women who stand up to predators and injustice and women who defy odds. Women who are brave, kind and caring. 

    10. HOTEL CRUSH ?

    Favorites are so hard for me. I’ve never had a favorite anything because I love so many different things. I LOVE a good hotel and there are so many that I’ve loved over the years. Right now a favorite is Maxanab Tulum and Bardo Tulum (In town). 


    I must have eye makeup remover because I must always have mascara and lipstick. Everyday essentials are sunscreen and insect repellant. I had 75 mosquito bites at one time and I learned my lesson! Never go to a tropical place without repellant. 

    12. YOUR HEART?

    Each and every single place I’ve ever traveled has stolen my heart. The one that I left most of my heart in was India. What a diverse mix of beauty and pain, Just and unjust. I had a daily swelling of so many emotions and feelings while there. What a beautifully shocking country. 


    Constantly dreaming of the unknown and what certain explorations wait for me. 

    14. JET LAG?

    Stay awake if you arrive anytime near the late afternoon or bedtime. Have a Kombucha or tea, eat a healthy meal and get a good nights rest. If you land in the morning, try to rest for a few hours and wake up feeling refreshed. Take a walk. Drink tons of water/coconut water upon landing.


    So cliche but Frida will always be my favorite. 


    First coffee. wake up slow, read, play with my pup Paloma. Walk to get a great breakfast. Have another coffee !

    17. IG HANGOUTS?




    18. DREAM DINNER? Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, my Dad and Nana


    Where will I move to next? Should I stay in San Miguel de Allende or is it time to move on? I’m a gypsy so I don’t think I’m supposed to have roots anywhere which makes having a home base difficult.


    Where you'll find her hosting amazing Airbnb 's in San Miguel + Style inspo + travel and shopping