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The Magical Wonderland of Poppy & Someday

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Welcome to the magical wonderland of Poppy & Someday


Poppy & Someday has been on my radar for years. I met Kari at little markets around LA and of course followed her on Instagram. Being a Makeup Artist and a product junkie, I've always been drawn to her clean products. I finally made an appointment and headed up the hills of Laurel Canyon. Had I not just driven myself up the canyon, I would've thought I arrived in Provence or some other magical corner of France. That was my first second thought was why the hell did I wait so long to experience this heavenly place. The house is like a french cottage with a beautiful outdoor shop space. Here you may find Kari crafting pottery or magical essences for the Poppy & Someday apothecary line. You might feel like you're sneaking into someone's sacred space, yet you're welcome here in this sunshine filled wildflower wonderland with birds chirping and magic in the air. It really is a perfectly perfect sanctuary.

The treatments range from 1-2 hours and then you absolutely must languish in the tub with a cup of tea, hop over to the infra red sauna, the steam room and then back to the tub if you so desire. This is some serious FOMO-I can't believe it took me so long to book an appointment, but once I was here ..I never wanted to leave! 


masseuse and Ayurvedic Practitioner. I would add magical human to her resume as well. She studied herbalism and turned her passion for gardening and wildcrafting into a business with Poppy & Someday. Kari is a graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute of America, The Dhyana Center, California School of Herbal Studies and also holds a B.S. in Health and Nutrition.


The magic of wild harvested plant medicine~

Every product is handcrafted, sun infused and lovingly made with many of the herbs grown on the property. The Organic oils and potions are rooted in Ayurveda and Western Herbalism with a focus on plant ingredients. All of the products are made by hand in the canyon with no fillers, chemicals or toxins. The magical face cream is seriously magic with Rose hip oil, cocoa butter, neroli and frankincense. The Apothecary is filled with all kinds of tinctures, creams, mists, salt scrubs and an array of magical must haves. Head to her site to shop~


Shirodhara~You've probably seen or heard about Shirodara. A magical, restful and restorative treatment, where herbal infused oil is poured continuously over the forehead. The treatment calms the nervous system, relieves stress and brings a feeling of contentment like you've never felt. Benefits include relief of headaches and tension, it can also regulate moods and alleviate depression. Trust me-You will fall into a state of zen and seriously pray it never ends. 

Lymphatic Ayurvedic Massage~The lymphatic system is the body's natural detoxification system. The massage technique is designed to drain toxins, strengthen the immune system, boost circulation and bring balance to the body and mind. You will be treated to hot rocks, steam, herbal infused oils, Gua Sha, Aromatherapy, along with other delights. This massage choice would be a great way to  enter the realm of Ayurvedic healing as each treatment is customized to the clients individual needs. Do you kind of feel like shit but you don't know probably need a cleanse and a drain. 

Abhyanga & Swedena Massage~

You will begin your treatment with the sweat and steam therapy of Swedena. which will be followed by the traditional Ayurvedic massage~ Abhyanga. The Abhyanga is a rejuvenating massage based on Ayurvedic principles with the therapist/s applying warm oil in a rhythmic flow. This treatment is designed to assist the body in healing along with creating balance in the mind, body and spirit. 

Gua Sha Facial~ This was my first Gua Sha facial and I chose this treatment because..well my face "needed" it but also I was in the mood to try something new. I am pretty familiar with the Art of Ayurveda and try to do a Panchakarma cleanse at least once a year. ( a traditional Ayurvedic cleanse to detoxify, rejuvenate and strengthen the immune system-At Surya Spa in LA. I'll talk about them in another post)  Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old holistic healing ritual that originated in India. If you haven't experienced Ayurvedic treatments or the way of life, I suggest looking into it. I would start here with any of the first three treatments on this list, you'll be hooked. It can be life changing and I really don't think there is anything that compares to Ayurveda if you are wanting to go deep into a healing journey.

The Gua Sha facial is incredibly restorative and aids in deep relaxation and renewal. This facial is recommended to reduce puffiness and inflammation, combat fine lines, dark circles, clears stagnation and bonus-it lifts sagging skin. The dark circles I've been plagued with recently disappeared after one treatment just from releasing the sinus. You can read the whole description on all of the lovely benefits of this facial and the rest of her treatments on her website-linked below.

The amazement does not end on the table, because after your treatment you are welcome to relax in the outside garden. Grab your lovely robe (from the Odd Bird Company-one of our favs) and your slippers and head outside. The healing continues in a gorgeous flower filled claw foot bathtub, steam room and infrared sauna. The birds chirping and drinking out of the pretty fountain come free. You will feel restored, nourished, beautiful and beyond relaxed. 


THAT BATHTUB~It really is as glorious and restorative as it looks in photos!!

That bathtub awaits you with sea salts, a cup of tea and flowers. You will be very content sitting in your warm tub, meditating, relaxing and contemplating how you will convince Kari that she needs a roommate.  

THE SPACE~This hidden gem is tucked away off Laurel Canyon and just a short drive from almost anywhere in LA, but worlds away once you arrive. Kari will greet you from her little office/pottery studio/apothecary. The whole vibe is quaint, inviting and peaceful. 

You will be led to a beautiful room in an adjacent little cottage which overlooks that incredible bathtub and the garden. Here you will leave the world behind and be immersed in the healing tranquility of the space and Kari's hands.


Find all the information  you need to book an appointment below or follow her IG page for inspiration, daydreaming and some serious FOMO~


Just go..don't wait 5 years!! I can't wait to go back~

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