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Dutzi pouch/CLUTCH~

Dutzi pouch/CLUTCH~

$ 48.00

  • DUTZI~vintage burlap pouch with accent trim
  • Vintage burlap, mecapal, cotton linen & air dried leather
  • Great for toiletries, travel documents or as a clutch 
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • 6.5 x 10

From the maker~ 
Dutzi's mission~changing women’s lives in the Yucatán giving them hope and their dignity back
Dutzi employs 23 indigenous Mayan artisans – most of them women – from Valladolid and the surrounding communities. Given a chance to employ their skills and earn an income for their families, the sense of empowerment that dutzi affords its artisans is fundamental to Dutzi's business plan.
The materials that dutzi uses are eco-friendly, as well. The majority of Dutzi's bags are made from recycled burlap that has been sourced for years from all over Mexico. No mass production is involved: each bag is individually sewn and one-of-a-kind. Even the mecapál straps are handwoven by one of the last families in the region trained in the traditional technique.

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