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spencer peterman wooden bowl
spencer peterman walnut bowl


$ 125.00


SPENCER PETERMAN~15 inch black walnut oval

From the maker~

Spencer Peterman is always on the lookout for fallen trees rotting in the woods. Hidden in those fallen trees — especially the ones covered by moss and dirt — is wood disfigured by the beginnings of decomposition. Turning that wood on a lathe produces strikingly unique bowls, salad servers and cutting boards. Peterman calls the maple bowls marked by decomposition and aging of the wood "ambrosia" or "spalted." He also looks for cherry burls which produce  quilted patterns and subtle cracks and crevices in the wood.
Functional and food-safe, Peterman’s bowls, salad servers and cutting boards are meant to be used. The wood has been kiln-dried and treated with beeswax and mineral oil to prevent cracking and checking. Care instructions for your Peterman products include hand washing with mild soap and water and towel drying. Mineral oil should be applied to maintain the natural beauty of the wood and to help prevent the wood from being stained. The bowls are made from maple, cherry and black walnut.

 Sourced and made in Massachusetts, USA 

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