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  • DEBRA FERULLO makeup artist~ On birkenstocks, family & beauty staples
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DEBRA FERULLO makeup artist~ On birkenstocks, family & beauty staples

Debra is the epitome of bohemian cool. She is incredibly down to earth, a lovely friend and an amazing makeup artist. 
Her client list ~Drew Barrymore, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cindy Crawford.. and that is the short list. Here she shares makeup tips, style and her lack of a bucket list.

1. STYLE OR BEAUTY ICON? I don't really have one. I just love beauty in all its shapes and form. You can find inspiration anywhere and who knows why or what triggers that in oneself.

2. CURRENT OBSESSIONS? Glossier Future Dew

3. MOST COVETED PRODUCTS FROM SOMEDAY?  I am very fond of the Honeycomb Apothecary jars. (shop lifestyle) 

4. STRANDED ON DESERT ISLAND DESIRES? I'd probably just die.

5. SKINCARE ROUTINE/BEAUTY STAPLES?  It's funny in my twenties and thirties when I didn't really need makeup I wore it every day.  Now that I'm in my 40's, I only where it when I'm working,.I will add a little concealer where needed, two coats of mascara and a lip moisturizer....no color. However, I am all about skin care and sunblock. I love love  La Mer's Lifting and Firming mask. It's the only thing that I think makes a difference!!  I ALWAYS use a sunblock and my go to product is Christine Chin's sunscreen.

6. ROAD TRIP?   I'm not a big traveler (except for work) but I would love to do Montana and Alaska in the summer. I've spent a winter there on a movie, but never a summer and I'd love to see it then!

7. ZEN ZONE? I love going to the movies by myself. Always have!


Skin. Get it right and the rest is easy. I'm also a big fan of cream contours. I think they look so much more natural, but you can still create great angles and depth or you can even just warm up the skin tone with them. Beauty trick~use a darker foundation stick (Makeup-forever has great ones) as a contour instead of powder. Choose a color deeper than your normal foundation and contour where needed.

10. FASHION STATEMENT? Birkenstocks!! But way before the current obsession. I went to the University of Maine where the tag line was "The school that goes crunch". There was no way around not owning a pair of Birkenstocks. To this day I haven't been able to give them up! I also wear no color~just black, white or grey

11. BUCKET LIST?~I don't have one...is that weird?


  • Denise Hooper