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HELLO BLOGGING WORLD~Beauty makeovers & Daydreams


I guess no one ever said following your DAYDREAMS would be easy! I am in the process of giving the site a little beauty makeover. Working full time as a makeup artist on a TV show and having a side hustle has been a little crazy.  I do intend on blogging, sharing tips on beauty, guest blogs with my makeup artist friends and interviews with the faces behind the brands ....so stay tuned. My favorite part of this whole experience has been getting to know the girls (it's mostly chicks) from all of the brands I stock. It's so inspirational to hear their stories and be part of this women owned movement . I have found myself wanting to be best friends with some of the women and so excited to be part of this huge support group. I am adding product constantly and have a ton of ideas brewing so keep checking back. Thanks to all of my friends for their love & support and for all of the lovely words below....
Writing about yourself can be difficult so I asked a few friends to share their thoughts for an ABOUT ME page. I got so many responses that I decided to dedicate this first blog to the love extended my way and then write a completely different ABOUT ME page!!
Reading through these kind words has given me so much inspiration & encouragement to keep going. I look forward to having the summer free for photo shoots, shopping, traveling, blogging and everything I imagined this Daydream to be.
So A few words from a few lovely friends...

FROM ANGELA FRANCINE BULLOCK~co founder of 100 cameras charity
This gave me so much joy to write. Denise is one of those souls that feels like a sister right from the start. From planning a 100 cameras gallery event to enjoying farm-to-table dinner on the Malibu pier, her heart is a joy to be around in all elements.
Denise's individual style and creative eye are inspiring and unique. Some of my favorite conversations are when she begins to dream about an adventure or journey to be had. I know as soon as i hear her say it out loud that someday it will be a reality. One dream of which includes this very passion to create a storefront for fellow hearts to embrace style and creativity.
I am thrilled that SOMEDAY is not just a dream anymore...

Denise and I spend a lot of time together in the makeup chair. We have spent many hours getting up close and personal which means I have heard a lot about this little daydream for awhile. Whenever Denise gets a 5 second break, she can be found surfing the internet for goods and dreaming of her store. I want everything in her boutique...no joke. Her taste is classy, unique, creative and all around beautiful. She has never shown me a purse, lotion, candle or scarf that I have not immediately fallen in love with. I am a big supporter and shopper!!
I admire her for wanting to support small brands, products made by cool artisans, indie brands embarking on their dreams and whenever possible fair-trade.
Now Go shopping....you will not only help her with her dream but you will not be disappointed with all the amazing goods you will find.

I had the pleasure of meeting Denise on the set of a TV show filmed in Hawaii. We bonded in a heartbeat over our travels to Australia, our mutual love for Hawaii and love affairs that may have happened along the way.
We have since traveled to New Zealand and beyond. I have had the pleasure of watching her on the hunt for uncommon goods found in other lands. I have also witnessed her obsessions for collecting and exploring. Denise is a great travel companion for several reasons including her relentless search for the best surf lessons, an obscure apothecary, Maori healers, funky restaurants, cool cafes or beautiful artwork .
"SOMEDAY I'll have my own store", she would say while discovering the most amazing cream or cleanser. I feel privileged to have been part of the hunt for some of these goods. We discovered the amazing skincare brand CAROL PRIEST while traveling NZ. They have a crush worthy orange blossom cream.(in stock) I love the approach to natural skincare she has taken and since I have trusted Denise with my face, i trust her picks for all of the beautiful skincare she has collected in her research and travels. I have been a guinea pig for many of the products in her apothecary and I must say that I am impressed.
A dream has landed....SOMEDAY is here!!

ATARANGI MARU~Maori healer
Denise is an incredibly infectious person and what a way to fulfill a dream.. Here she is ready for the world at large (and small) sharing her dream and passion with those who happen to find her daydream along the way. Here's knowing (not hoping) that it will be a successful venture and continue to grow. Aroha (love) Nui (big)..Atarangi...

SOPHIE FOULKES TAYLOR~Mahina Boutique Manager (Maui)
Simply put Denise has a zest for life and a thirst for travel. She is inspired by the beach lifestyle, is a lover of beauty and has appreciation for art and cool finds. Denise is also a romantic, a dreamer and a doer!! I can't wait to enjoy her lovely boutique.

Updated to Daydreamers Wanted~

Of course we are now in another beauty makeover phase with a name change to Daydreamers Wanted. New ideas, new goods, new interviews, new year!!


  • Denise Hooper